Cubra Castings is the largest privately owned brass die caster in the UK.

The company has evolved into an integrated supplier of cast products including brass and aluminium gravity die casting, sand castings, shell moulding, investment/lost wax in all copper-based alloy, nickel and silver. Cubra is the largest privately owned brass die caster.

CNC precision machining processes

With the introduction of CNC and conventional machining, it allows Cubra to offer products to a customer's requirement. We have developed an integrated supplier base that allows products to be finished to a polished surface with surface treatments that are required across a range of industries.

Integrated Supply of Metal Products

Highly specialised shell moulding process in Copper Based Alloys, Brass, LG2, Aluminium Alloys, Nickel and Silver.

The world's most established quality framework

ISO 9001 is by far the world's most established quality framework, currently being used over 1.5 million organizations in 191 countries.

Copper Based Products

The forward-thinking management has developed the company into an integrated supplier / manufacturer of cast products for a diverse range of processes and products in all copper-based materials and alloys..

Customer Requests

We also offer the facility to manufacture to customers specific requests , offering the support and advice of our expert technical advisors in our research and development department.